Week 8 of 2019 Legislative Session


I would like to take this week to thank my constituents for their continued support.  Every Monday as I walk into the House Office Building and see the beautiful artwork lining the walls, I am reminded of why I serve our community.  Each piece of art is symbolic of a Maryland resident whose life my job here in Annapolis will impact. For this reason I am constantly striving for virtue and discernment, and encourage my colleagues to as well.  I would like to remind you to contact my office with your questions or concerns, because as a member of our community your voice is important to us.


In the House

This week in Annapolis a great discussion roared regarding limitations on your Second Amendment rights.  The Judiciary Committee was up till 4 AM discussing the proposed gun bills. I support an individual’s right to responsibly own fire arms and will vote accordingly if these bills come to the House Floor.  

The $15/hour minimum wage bill was debated on today.  Republicans argued had against the bill, but in the end the bill passed the House (96-44)  I spoke out and voted against it.

My Bills

In the midst of these happenings, I presented a bill Aquaculture – Submerged Aquatic Vegetation – Placement of Shellfish, Bags, Nets, and Structures.  This hearing went extraordinary well. There were many questions asked to ensure the submersed aquatic vegetation (SAV) will be protected.  We explained that the SAV can coexist with the underwater cages, and showed images of this successful co-inhabitance found in Maryland. I am glad that we were able to alleviate the concern of harm towards the SAV.   This bill is pro-business because it allows oyster growers to continue harvesting, and to not leave an area they have invested so much time and money. I am excited to see this bill travel through the Maryland General Assembly.


Talk to your family, neighbors, and coworkers about continuing their education! We offer scholarships to individuals residing in the District that are attending Universities, Colleges, or trade schools in Maryland.  We also offer out of state scholarships in the instance of a unique major. Please send my office your application by April 15th. The application can be found through the following link:  

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eVZDhqSBc8aMRavX_ikwpndr5fqcTznZzHhG7Zaofec/edit?usp=sharing .

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