Week 7 2019 Legislative Session


This week has been busy!  I have been running from meeting to meeting lobbying for my bills. In fact, HB28 passed unanimously on Friday!  HB 28 allows oyster nursery growers to no longer require certain licenses from the Department of the Environment or the Board of Public Works if they are using an existing pier or bulkhead.  I am so excited that this bill passed and that I was able to help members of our community.  In addition to this bill, I want to take this week to highlight bills that will specifically impact our community.


St. Mary’s County Bills

HB358- This bill authorizes and empowers the County Commissioners to borrow up to $30,000,000 for the construction, improvement, or development of public facilities. 

HB359- This bill eliminates the Building Authority Commission.

HB360- This bill repeals the prohibition on selling certain alcoholic beverages at a bar or counter on Sunday.

HB484- This bill alters the definition of "public safety officer" to include police dispatchers in the prohibition against charitable or fundraising campaign fraud.

HB819- This bill authorizes individuals employed by expanding businesses to claim a tax credit up to $1,000 against the county income tax.

HB982- This bill authorizes a Class C per diem license holder to hold another license.


Calvert County Bills

HB622- This bill makes it illegal for an individual to refuse to leave when served a court order, a trespass warning, or any other official government document prohibiting the individual from returning to a public building or grounds.

HB623- Authorizing and empowering the County Commissioners  to borrow up to $10,320,000 to finance the construction, improvement, or development of certain public buildings, roads, and facilities.

HB1258- Providing that a qualified fire or rescue volunteer that dies in the line of duty is eligible for a death benefit of $6,000.


I hope you have a wonderful week!

MDGOP Candidate